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Welcome to our pictorial tour and exhibit hall.

It is here that we are placing artifacts from the VTM for you to enjoy. Our newest addition is a artwork from the Grand Master Moy Yat

Ving Tsun Museum Pictorial Tour

Now you can see the Main Exhibit Area of the Ving Tsun Museum. Excluding training, office, conference, and archive facilities. Exhibits are changed two to three times a year.

At our Grand Opening (l/r) Sifu Benny Meng, Grand Masters Chu Shong Tin, Moy Yat, Mak Po, Boy Bing Wah, Hawkins Cheung, Yip Chun, and Yip Ching.

Kuen Kuit Chops: The Kuen Kuit of Wing Chun in stone!

To make the perpetuation of the proverbs of Wing Chun easier and provide a written document of Wing Chun, Grand Master Yip Man decided to have the Kuen Kuit (martial art songs/idioms) carved in stone. He commissioned his disciple Moy Yat, a master seal-maker and artist, to create the Wing Chun Chops.

Box One

Featured in Inside Kung Fu, these stones are a one of a kind work of art. No other Martial Art has its history and maxims recorded in this manner. This feat can never be accomplished again. The seals are unique in that they represent the first authoritative history of the Wing Chun style in stone. They are esteemed in Wing Chun as well as visual arts circles for their practical content, and it was the historical preservation of the Kuen Kuit for posterity that inspired the project.

Box Two

The chops consist of 51 different kinds of stone carved in 51 different styles. It took 3 years to collect the stones and an additional 3 years to plan and carve them. They are on display in 4 custom made boxes.

Box Three

The stones contain the Kuen Kuit as well as the names of the Grand Masters' names from Si-Jo (founder) Yim Wing Chun to Yip Man. The chops also contain the main training stages of Wing Chun: Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu, Biu Je, Mui Fah Jong (Muk Yan Jong), Luk Dim Boon Kwan, and Bot Jom Doa.

Box Four

After Yip Man died, the chops went back to Moy Yat. Once the Museum became an official place and not just an idea, Moy Yat felt that the Chops should be available for all the Wing Chun world to see. He donated them to the Museum for that purpose.

Gung Fu Art: Works of a Grand Master: Some selected artwork from Grand Master Moy Yat.

Gung Fu Art: Works of a Grand Master

The late Grand Master of Wing Chun, Moy Yat, was a master artist, famous for the unique art style he created, "Blush Strokes". Below are examples of the different ways Grand Master Moy Yat used to express himself and his understanding of Wing Chun.

Ink on Paper

Water colors on rice paper

Another example of water colors

Ink on canvas

Oil on canvas

Another example of oil on canvas

Ink on porcelain

Stone carvings (Chops)

Wood carvings
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