The VTM is governed by a board of elected and appointed individuals. If you would like to reach one of these board members, please feel free to email them at their addresses or Websites below.

Benny Meng,
Ving Tsun Athletic Association,
Hong Kong Affairs Director
Note: This is the official site. The .com version of this site is not sanctioned by the VTAA.
Sunmi Meng,
Jim Roselando
Koo Lo lineage Affairs Director

Mike Mathews,
Certification Director
Futshan Jing Mo,
China Affairs Director
Jeremy Roadruck,
Events Director
Yip Chun,
Historical Advisor
Dan Wells,
Web Master
Yip Ching,
Technical Advisor
Chango Noaks,
Membership Director
David Peterson,
Technical Advisor
Marcos Teixeira and Marco Mourão
Brazilian Representatives
Eric Lee,
Technical Advisor

Past Contributors

the late Grand Master Moy Yat - Honorary Chairman

Kathalene Howard
Rick Howard
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