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30th Anniversary Banquet

30th Anniversary Banquet

VTM Wing Chun China Trip 2015

VTM China Trip 2015

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2015 Shaolin Wing Chun Marathon

2015 Shaolin Wing Chun Marathon

"Come join the fastest growing Wing Chun family today", "Life skills, health skills and self defense skills" for info USA Atlantic City, NJ Philadelphia, PA Norfolk, VA Savanna, GA Houston, TX Austin, TX San Jose, CA Richmond, Indiana Cincinnati, Ohio Centerville, Ohio Dayton, Ohio South America Fortaleza, Brazil Cuenca and Quito, Ecuador Bogota, Colombia Europe Paris, France Asia Beijing, Southern Shaolin Temple, Foshan, Hong Kong, China Middle East Abu Dhabi, UAE Kuwait City, Kuwait Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Dammam, Saudi Arabia Africa Casablanca, Morocco Algiers, Algeria

Past Events

2014 Wing Chun Workshop Marathon

7 Cities Wing Chun

7 Wing Chun workshops at 7 cities in 3 countries before the year is over. One down, 6 to go. - Houston, TX is my next one. - Hampton-Virginia, - North Wales-Pennsylvania, - - Doha-Qatar, - Riyadh and Jeddah-Saudi.
Grand International Wing Chun Meeting in Colombia

Wing Chun in Colombia

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Summer Training Camp 2014

Over 10 world's best instructors will share their skill and knowledge together under one roof at the Ving Tsun Museum. Martial Art Universe....instructors from 4 branches of Wing Chun, Karate, TKD, Shaolin, Tai Chi, krav Maga, traditional weapons, and MMA will be gather together to train and teach under one roof this Summer in Dayton, Ohio.

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Summer Training Camp 2014

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Master/Sifu Sharif A Bey - Syracuse NY
Yee's Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association
Sifu Bey will discuss Hung Ga's Heaven/Earth/Man cosmology/philosophy, and how it directly translates into Hung Ga's power training and combat strategies (3-Powers Bridge/Saam Jin Sau; Triplicate Power of Stance/Bridge/Sound-Body Connection; 3-Star Stepping Footwork)

Master/Sifu Chango Noaks - Richmond IN
5 time National gold medalist, 1998 Pan American Gold medalist, Student of Grand Master Benny Meng since 1987
Topic: Sanda in Wing Chun

Master/Sifu Jeremy Roadruck - Centerville OH
kung fu batter, #1 international bestselling author, international champion, master strategic intervention strategist
Topic: Crossing the Bridge - from fixed to freedom. Heaven, Earth, and Beyond.
Description: participants will be led through an interactive series of exercises and drills exploring the depth and breadth of the VTM's/Meng's Martial Arts Shaolin Hall approach to Shaolin Wing Chun. Instructor level students will leave this workshop with new communication tools and concepts/strategies to expand student's training experiences, understanding and appreciation of the Shaolin Halls methodology.

Master/Sifu Brad Ryan - Houston TX
Certified Instructor in Shaolin Wing Chun and Senior Instructor in VTAA Hong Kong Wing Chun
Topic: Kui Sao
From conditioning, superior time and space based on 5 angles. As well as 6 gate upper gate reactional skills. Will cover heaven and human structures. Bring safety gear.

Master/Sifu John Lambert - Cincinnati OH
5th Degree, Shaolin Wing Chun
Topic: Shaolin Wing Chun Chi Kiu and Beyond 1, Path to Enlightenment 2, Four Ranges of Combat 3, Chi Kiu in the Wing Chun Universe These topics will be given in succession and linked.

Master/Sifu Steve Knopfer - Hampton VA
6th Degree, Shorin Ryu Karate, 4th Degree Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu, Certified Instructor Hong Kong Wing Chun
Topic: The Practical Fighting Concepts of Wing Chun;
Angle and evade/crash and counter Employing angular footwork with basic Wing Chun hands to parry a variety of attacks. Crashing in on our opponents while simultaneously attacking and covering defense lines. Practical teaching methodologies to simply convey these concepts to our students in a way that they will be able to easily pick up the attacks whatever that might be.

Sifu Vincent Meng - Dayton OH
National Champion in PANKRATION: Early version of MMA and TKD
Topic: Heaven and Earth Fighting, Foundation to Wing Chun
This workshop will focus on how to use Heaven and Earth to support Human Fighting Skills.

Sifu Aaron McKillip - Huber Heights OH
Certified Instructor in Shaolin Wing Chun and Hong Kong Wing Chun
Topic: Lat Sau How to properly respond to energy going away from center as well as strikes coming to the center within the Chi Sau Time-frame as well as how Lat Sau relates to San Da and Kiu Sau.

Sifu Jason Oaks Certified Instructor Hong Kong Wing Chun
Topic: 9 progressions of formula chi sao

Sifu Damian Raad - Cincinnati OH
Certified Instructor in Shaolin Wing Chun and Disciple of GM Meng
Topic: 9 progressions of formless chi sao How to emphasize flow and space coverage prior to specific techniques.

Sifu Daniel Duran Harlingen, TX
Certified Instructor in Shaolin Wing Chun, 2 Time World San Da Champion, Wing Chun Grand Champion, No-Gi BJJ Gold Medalist and Pro MMA Fighter.
Topic: Martial Artist Mind Set, Goals, Training Methods VS Fighters Mind Set, Goals and Training Methods Define what is a "FIGHT" vs Sparring, Fighting Competition vs Fighting Self-Defense (streets).

"Wing Chun Gates fighting Applications" By Grand Master Benny Meng Founder of Shaolin Wing Chun and Curator of the VTM

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Wing Chun Martial Arts Seminar

Wing Chun Martial Arts Seminar

One of the greatest kung fu masters in present day expanding the horizons and exchanges between Kung Fu and Karate.
JUNE - VTM Kung Fu China Fantasy Trip 2014

VTM Kung Fu China Fantasy Trip 2014

Tour Name: VTM Kung Fu China Fantasy Trip : 12 Days 2014
Tour Route: Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shaolin Temple, Shanghai and Hong Kong

This is your chance to experience the best of China and the best of martial arts at the same time! The weather is also good this time of the year.Fly out of Chicago, direct to Beijing. Spend 4 days and 3 nights in the capital of China, then bullet train to the Shaolin Temple. Unique to this trip - one day tour and one day living as a monk. Then off to beautiful Shanghai for 3 days and 2 nights, then finish in famous Hong Kong for 3 nights. Meals and Lodging will be 5-star, and top tier-with many delicacies such as Peking Duck in Beijing (and in case you didn't know, Peking is the old spelling of Beijing). Every day will include martial arts practice (optional) - life skills, wisdom, Qigong, Shaolin and Wing Chun Kung Fu, with experts in many disciplines. You will received a student or instructor rank base on the program you sign up (optional).

Tour Price:
$xx00/person (not including international airfare to China and back)

$xx00/person (including international airfare from major cities)

$500 more for the First Level Instructor's Program for the Shaolin and Wing Chun (optional)

$200 discount if 3-4 persons per room or children under 12

Email : for price!!

Prices will include all necessary Martial Arts training (Shaolin, Wing Chun, HKB, TKD, Qigong, Tai Chi), Kung Fu student ranks promotion, professional English tour guide, ground and air transportation inside China, lodging (based on double occupancy), food, and entrances fees for museum, show as mentioned on itinerary travel.

Not included: Expenditure of a personal nature, Gratuities (suggested USD $8/person/day) Chinese visa: USD$179/person for U.S. passports

Travel Insurance (optional)

Gold plan: Trip Cancellation/Interruption, 5.5% of the total tour costs.

Silver plan: Medical/Emergency Medical Evacuation: $24/person (1-11days)

Full payment is due 60 days prior to departure date

Cancellation: A written Cancellation Notice via mail. The following cancellation fee applies:

45 or more days prior to departure: $200 per person will be assessed.

30-44 days prior to departure: $400 per person will be assessed

14-29 days prior to departure: $600/person

4-13 days prior to departure: $1000 per person will be assessed.

Less than3 days or nonappearance: 100% of total charge. Besides the cancellation fee from Meng's Martial Arts and, Penalties from Airlines or Train Companies apply if air or train tickets are issued.

Remarks: The itinerary may subject to minor changes based on local situations; HB-Hotel Breakfast; IM-In-flight meal; L-Lunch; D-Dinner; SD/SL-special dinner/lunch Please note: All of our tours include some shopping, one store per day at most, that's why we can offer you a very competitive price. You do not have to buy anything.

Hotel Information: :
3 nights in Beijing 5 stars 北京:福朋喜来登 (or similar) Beijing: Four Points By Sheraton 地址: 北京海淀区远大路 15号 A座 Address: Tower1, 25 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Beijing 電話(Telephone): 0086-10-88898888

2 nights in Zhengzhou 5 stars 郑州:希尔顿酒店 (or similar) Zhengzhou Hilton Zhengzhou 地址:郑州市金水路 288号 Address: Jinshui Road288, Zhengzhou, Henan, 電話(Telephone): 8637189960877

2 nights in Shanghai 5 stars 上海:上海明婕万丽 (or similar) Shanghai: Marriot Renaissance Shanghai 地址:中国上海普陀区铜川路 50 号, 200333 Address: 50, Tongchuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai TEL: 86-21-22195888

3 nights in Hong Kong 4 stars 香港:龙堡国际 (or similar) Hong Kong Panorama by Rhombus Address: 8 AUSTIN ROAD, Hong Kong Phone: +852 2376 1111

Itinerary Day 1 (31 May) Your home country or Chicago to Beijing: All of your meals, beverages and various entertainment choices will be provided on the flight from your home town to Beijing.

Day 2 (01 Jun.): Arrive in Beijing Upon arriving at Beijing airport, a China Tour representative will greet you and arrange for your transportation to the hotel, allowing you the first chance to see and experience China.Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)

Day 3 (02 Jun.): Morning training. Explore Beijing Today you'll begin your China sightseeing tour. The first stop is Tiananmen Square in the center of Beijing. Then head for the magnificent Forbidden City, which stood as the imperial palace for China from the Ming Dynasty until the end of the Qing Dynasty, a period of 500 years. After lunch, see the elegant Summer Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site with the largest imperial garden in the world, a favorite retreat from any of the emperors during the Qing Dynasty. In the evening, you will enjoying an authentic Peking Duck Banquet and alive presentation of the "Legend of Kung Fu" which has wowed and amazed audiences worldwide.Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast, Lunch, Special Dinner

Day 4 (03 Jun.): Practice at the Great Wall. Explore Beijing Today you'll see and perhaps climb the Great Wall of China, one of the country's most famous tourist attractions and one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world. It runs about 5,500 miles through 150 different counties. You will then have a Seminar on Chinese Jade Culture at a local Jade Museum. Next you will visit the exquisite 15th century Temple of Heaven - to see the Imperial Ceiling of Heaven with its Echo Wall and the Nine-Dragon Cypress, more than 500 years old. The rest of the afternoon is at leisure to shop and explore at Wangfujing, one of the Chinese capital's most famous shopping streets.Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast, Lunch

Day 5 (04 Jun.): Morning training. Beijing to Zhenzhou on high-speed train with a long history, Zhengzhou is a national renowned historical and cultural city. It was an important metropolis during the Shang dynasty as early as 3500 years ago and became a capital during the five dynasties of Xia, Shang, Guan, Zheng, and Han. Today, you'll visit Henan Province Museum to better understand the history of Henan China.Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast, Dinner

Day 6 (05 Jun.): Explore Shaolin Temple Drive to Dengfeng to visit Shaolin Temple, "the No.1 Temple under Heaven". Shaolin Temple is famous for Chinese Kung Fu or Martial Art and the Chan/Zen Buddhism popular in East Asia. Pagoda Forest should not be missed. Enjoy the training in Shaolin Temple. Then drive back to Zhengzhou.Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast

Day 7 (06 Jun.): Zhenzhou to Shanghai In the morning, tour the Yellow River with Boat Ride. After that, our tour guide will accompany you to the airport after the delicious lunch, then the fantastic Zhengzhou tour ends. Then you will catch the flight to Shanghai, the largest city in China. And then transferred to check in at your luxurious hotel.Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast

Day 8 (07 Jun.): Explore Shanghai Today you'll penetrate the heart of China, its present and its future. Shanghai has evolved from a fishing and textile town settled in the 5th century to a global power in finance, high technology and even fashion. After soaking up commercial aspects on Old Street, Nanjing Road, the Bund and the Lujiazui Financial Area, you'll step back in time at the Shanghai Museum. Afternoon visit the Shanghai silk carpet factory where you can do some shopping. Stroll around the Bund, the water front of Shanghai, and alongside the Huang-pu River. A special farewell dinner of Shanghai cuisine will be served after enjoying the world-famous Acrobatic Show.Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast, Lunch, Special Dinner

Day 9 (08 Jun.): Shanghai to Hong Kong. You'll pack up your belongings for your flight to Hong Kong to catch your Flight. Hang out with action movie star! Training and Enjoy the rest of time on your own. Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast

Day 10 (09 Jun.) Explore Hong Kong The highlights of today's sightseeing tour include a visit to Stanley Market, Aberdeen Fishing Village, the Repulse Bay and Victoria Peak. At the Stanley Market, you can stroll around Stanley's famous seaside village bazaar. Aberdeen Fishing Village is known as home of "Boat People", where people's lifestyle has not changed much since the early days of their settlement in Hong Kong. After touring the Repulse Bay Beach, you'll finish your tour of Hong Kong Island with panoramic ride that brings you up to the Victoria Peak, where the harbor and the city sprawl in front of you. The afternoon is free for leisure. Training by the waterfront.Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast

Day 11 (10 Jun.) Explore Hong Kong Free day on your own. Pay respect to GM Yip Man and visit the VTAA HQ. Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast

Day 12 (11 Jun.) Hong Kong to Chicago or to your Home sweet home.Food Amenities: American Buffet Breakfast

From all the feedback we've received, past participants tell us that our Kung Fu Trips are the best they have ever taken - in their entire lives!

There are many reasons for them to feel this way… after all, it's a multi-dimensional experience… just read on for details…

First, it's the people on the trip. You'll definitely feel safe on this trip because you'll be travelling with Grand Masters, Masters, and Instructors of the martial arts… they are all leaders, pay attention, and love to share their knowledge and experience. You'll benefit a lot even from just side conversations! Everyone is respectful, focused on harmony, and fun! When you're travelling with confident, playful people, life is really good. Second, our main leader Grand Master Meng is fluent in the two main dialects of Chinese: Mandarin and Cantonese, plus he knows the culture and traditions. This is the best - travelling with an insider who can bridge the Eastern and Western culture - plus there will be professional tour guides as well. Third, it's going to be a family-friendly, informative, and positive experience. Participants range in age from 8 years old to senior citizens.

Fourth - it's the destinations! We will be visiting amazing locations - from cultural government center of Beijing to the Mecca of martial arts the Shaolin Temple to the modern financial center of China in Shanghai and finish in the international city of Hong Kong. In one trip, you can experience the whole of China, from an 8,000 year old village to modern-day skyscrapers in Shanghai. Plus, we'll have daily opportunities to improve our health, self-defense, and wisdom through the martial arts…

And if all that weren't enough - one of the most famous names in martial arts is Shaolin. For over 1,500 years the monks of the Shaolin Temple have been influencing the world of the martial arts… and on this trip, you'll be able to train like a monk, behind the scenes. This isn't a typical, for-the-public-only community.

And finally, the best part of this whole trip is the convenience. For around $250 a day, your air travel, bullet train, river cruise ship, first class hotel and busses, world-class American and Chinese meals… plus plenty of opportunities to buy direct in China for literally pennies on the dollar…

Don't wait another 2-3 years for a trip like this to come along… talk to your instructor TODAY about reserving your spot. You need to make your initial deposit to hold your reservation ASAP.

Balance is due by April 10th. Call 937 236 6385

Shaolin Wing Chun Ecuador Workshop

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