Welcome to our Galleries section. Here you will find online exhibits, articles, our photograph rich timeline, and the Hall of Fame.

  • Exhibits : Online Wing Chun artifacts, currently displayed in the Museum. We are continually working to add more of artifacts to this online gallery.
  • Hall of Fame : The VTM's memorial to important figures who have made an impact on Wing Chun Kuen. Each year, one person will be chosen for inclusion.
  • Wing Chun Warrior Society : This area of the Ving Tsun Museum website is dedicated to the Wing Chun fighters - to recognize their efforts in the past and present through the Wing Chun Warrior Society. (Coming Soon...)
  • Sifu : The VTM has gathered numerous pictures, stories, and artifacts of many Wing Chun Sifus. We are presenting them here for your viewing. Each Sifu will be featured in thier own gallery. We start off this section with the late Grand Master Moy Yat.
  • Articles : Our collection of articles regarding Wing Chun Kuen. Authors include members of the VTM and featured authors from the Wing Chun Community.
  • Illustrated Timeline : The history of the VTM, complete with written reviews, photos, and links to the places and websites listed. Come see all the steps the VTM has taken, and is taking.
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