In order to serve the Wing Chun Community better, we have organized all of our pages regarding the Community into one location.

  • Friendship Exchange : Friendship Exchange is part of the Ving Tsun Museum's Mission Statement. Since 1995, we have been active in over 60 such events.
  • Wing Chun Websites : Our ever-growing list of other Wing Chun Websites. If you would like to include your website in our listing, all we ask is that you include a link to us on your website. Then use our simple form to add your link.
  • Event Reviews : Our written reviews of the many events that the VTM has participated in.
  • Upcoming Events : The current list of upcoming events in the Wing Chun Community. These events have been submitted to us for inclusion by the those involved with the events. Please email us your event information if you would like to have it listed here.
  • Competition Results : The results from Wing Chun Competitions held from around the World. We ask for your help in keeping this data as up-to-date as possible.
  • Our Guest Book : Feel free to sign our Guest Book, and see who else has visited the museum's website.
  • Shaolin Wing Chun 108 Discussion Forum
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