International Seminar on Wing Chun in Brazil

17 June 2013
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17 June 2013, Comments 0

June 2013 Visit of GM Benny Meng his family in Brazil

By Benny Meng

Theme: The Halls of Shaolin HKB and applied to combat and self defense.
Speaker: Grand Master Benny Meng
Support and fulfillment:

  • Sifu Marcos Teixeira
  • Sifu Marco Mourao
  • Mairton Cavalcante
  • Jurandir Nogueira

First day – Thursday, Jun 6th
After a long lay-over and flying time, I finally arrived in 2:30pm in Fortaleza and met with my disciples. After my arrival, we went for lunch and then to the hotel. Once settled at the hotel, we went to the Edmarcio Rodrigues Academy. I was introduced to Sifu Edmárcio and his school by Sifu Mark. Sifu Edmárcio is a great expert in various arts like JKD, Kali, Shooto, Jiu-jitsu and also in Wing Chun, with a well-established martial art family and organization in Brazil. I am happy to report that Sifu Edmárcio has decided to join my martial art family.

We also took the time to discuss many issues important to the development of our martial art family with Sifu Claudio Costa in attendance. Sifu Claudio is an instructor under Sifu Alex Magnos.

Second day – Friday, Jun 7th
Morning began with weapons training in the home where Sifu Mark, which is also his school at the moment. Around 13:30, Sifu Marcos Teixeira, Sifu Alex, Mairton Cavalcante and I went to get lunch. Over lunch I discussed new guidelines for our kung fu family in Brazil, and I discussed the qualifications for a national representative for the Hong Kong Wing Chun lineage, which is something Sifu Mark is willing to do. Even after facing a life-altering accident and losing a leg, he still shows his indomitable spirit and willingness to lead. Once I return to the US, I will be sending him the process to see if he qualifies or not.

Upon returning from lunch we continued training with weapons. At night, we went to Sifu Daniel Fiho’s school (a sifu under Sifu Marcos) and held an informal class, and met many new students.

Third Day – Saturday, Jun 8th
Started the seminar as planned. The event had two phases, the first was focused mainly on the development of Shaolin Wing Chun, and the second was focused on training HKB and Chi Sau. It was a great mix of history, theory and hands-on application.

Everyone was impressed and was very excited about the introduction of the original Wing Chun. The seminar took place in the school of Sifu Danel Son (CT Wing Chun) which is one of the units of the IWC and had the participation of children, women and men.

The proceeds from this seminar were given to Sifu Marcos Teixeira. Together with waiving his school fees, this in my contribution to him as he faces an incredible journey forward from an incredible injury.

Fourth day – Sunday, Jun 9th
In the morning there was a meeting with instructor certification candidates, who are students of Sifu Marcos and then private training and Chum Kiu level tests, where everyone had a deep approach in Pun Sau and Luk Sau, footwork and kicks and were also tested in the form Chum Kiu and Chi Sau. I covered a lot of fine details and application skills. For the test, there were 7 participants: Orlando Brito, Tony Filho, Marcelo Silva, Jorge Heder, Paulo Robert, and Daniel Filho. Of the group, Paulo received the best score and was awarded two special prizes.

We prepared for the Discipleship ceremony, which was proceeded by a little rain. In Chinese culture, rain before an important event or travel is often seen as a sign of future success and prosperity. We followed the customs of the ancient Shaolin in this formal ceremony with Jorge Heder acting as Master of Ceremonies. Members of the martial arts community and many friends and family members were witnesses to this momentous and special event.

After 8 years of dedication, we held an historical event in my martial art family in Brazil, the Baai-Si ceremony. This is a formal tea ceremony that formally establishes a teacher-student relationship for life-long learning. After this, a student is considered to be a disciple, which is the deepest level of relationship between teacher and student. Sifu Alex Magnos was my first Disciple in Brazil, and with this ceremony, my original 5 students – what I like to call my 5 Shaolin Elders of Brazil – are now all formally Disciples.

Below are all accepted as legitimate disciples of under me and now part of my family tree of the system.

  • Sifu Marcos Teixeira
  • Sifu Marco Mourao
  • Mairton Cavalcante
  • Jurandir Nogueira

After the ceremony, we had a special dinner prepared by Elizangela (the wife of Sifu Marcos) and Liana (the wife of Sifu Daniel) – it was a huge meal over 40 people! At the dinner, I presented certificates to the Disciples and Instructors.


  • Sifu Marcos Teixeira (Baat Jaan Do)
  • Sifu Marco Mourao (Baat Jaan Do)
  • Mairton Cavalcante (Baat Jaan Do)
  • Jurandir Nogueira (Baat Jaan Do)

Instructors Certified International VTM

  • Orlando Brito (Chum Kiu)
  • Tony Filho (Chum Kiu)
  • Marcelo Silva (Chum Kiu)
  • Jorge Heder (Chum Kiu)
  • Paulo Roberto (Chum Kiu)
  • Daniel Filho (Chum Kiu)

The evening concluded with the certificates, the end of a wonderful day!

Fifth day – Monday, Jun 10th
My last day in town, I checked out of the hotel and then we headed out to the beach to work on the final details of the knives. As we finished our workout, together with Mairton, I took the effort to get fresh coconuts for everyone to enjoy on the beach. After a great seafood lunch, we drove to the airport and I headed out at 3:30 to return to Ohio.

From Sifu Marcos Teixeira: I would like to thank all the participants, my students and teachers, my brothers kung fu, a special thanks to my wife Elizângela, the wife of Sifu Daniel Filho, Liana by fine dining, guests and our Grand Master Benny Meng for taking your precious time and knowledge with us. Live long and prosper everyone.

Overall, this was another historic and successful trip. Many instructors were certified. My direct disciples have gone through the whole system for the first time. And a well-experienced martial artist joined our ranks. Plus, new plans of expansion were made for the future.

Thank you to my students for putting on such a well-run event, and congratulations to the new Disciples for all your hard work over the last few years!

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