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Dear Instructors, Leaders, Black Belts, Students and Special Guests,

This year we have out of town Black Belts, Instructors, Masters and special guests from Huber, Centerville, Richmond, Cincinnati, Chicago,Houston TX, Savannah GA, and Virginia coming to celebrate our Ving Tsun Museum 20th year with us as we continue to expand nationally and internationally. Personally,the year-end get-together is one of the more exciting times for me. I get to see most of my WC Brothers, senior students and representatives. It’s like a homecoming of sorts. It’s also a concentrated period of time to catch-up on learning, training, business concerns, and have fellowship with other dedicated martial artists.To briefly recap the year so far:Together with three of my Disciples, I was certified by the Shaolin Temple in October. This is really a full circle journey for me since I was part of the first group of outsiders allowed to train at the Shaolin Temple in the early 80s. My life, dedication, and goals for the past 20 years since the start of the VTM project were to find out about the truth behind Wing Chun. Due to my knowledge of the overall Wing Chun picture, I believe my research is at an end in dealing with the history and evolution of Wing Chun. I concluded my research a few years back and now, the next journey is promoting the conclusion of my research.

One of the milestones in October is that my work has been finally recognized by the Shaolin Temple and I’ve been personally certified as one of the first non-monks to go through an Instructor Certification program. A second milestone is the Ving Tsun Museum’s contribution to the Wing Chun community will also be recognized by the Shaolin Temple. A 15-foot tall traditional marble plaque will be erected at the Temple to recognize Wing Chun as an official Shaolin art. The marble stone alone will cost $50,000!The VTM will be engraved for eternity on the plaque. This is a great honor and a final cornerstone to complete the 20-year journey into Wing Chun. Anew chapter is now beginning, sharing the wisdom of this system far and wide by developing a new generation of Shaolin Wing Chun students and teachers who have the big-picture knowledge and direct, hands-on experience in the evolution of Wing Chun from the temple to the modern era.Generally speaking, style is an illusion; everything can be explained through what is base on the Shaolin Wing Chun Halls and Shaolin Wisdom. This December, we will continue to be on the same theme and explore deeper dimensions. Speaking about the Shaolin Wisdom, I’ve been putting my research together into a book.I’ve studied under many great teachers. It just so happens that those Sifu actually exposed me to the concept-level and principle-level of the martial arts. But it’s not until I took up the challenge of researching the history and origins of Wing Chun that the pieces came together,especially the Moy Yat family, the Chi Sim family, the Hung Fa Yi family,and now the Black Flag family – some have a different perspective, some do not contain all the pieces. Because I studied all of them, this gave me a unique perspective and position to see the bigger picture.

I look forward to celebrating our upcoming VTM anniversary with you and your family,celebrating the successes, and welcome you to join us for a weekend of kung fu life! All the details are below!Sincerely,Grand Master Meng Day One – Friday Dec 6th 5:00p to 9:00p Instructor Training*9:00p to finish Instructor Discussion*(Pizza will be served, so we’ll eat at the school to save time)Day Two – Saturday Dec 7th 10:00a to 3:30p Public Workshop 10:00a to 12:00p Session 1 An Overview: Modern Day Wing Chun to the Red Boat Era (Lecture and Workout) 12:00pto 3:30p Session 2 An Overview: Red Boat Era to the Southern Shaolin Secret Society (Lecture and Workout) 3:30p to 5:00p Instructor’s Training*7:00p to finish Banquet & Awards-Student Awards-Instructor Awards-Special Recognition- Grand Master Meng’s celebration of his 52nd Birthday Day Three – Sunday Dec 8th (GM Meng’s Birthday) 9:00a to 3:00p Instructor Training Session 9:00a to 11:30a Session 1 Continuation of Physical Training from Friday, focused on Wing Chun Hall 1 2:30pto 3:00p Session 2 Discussions Workshop Location: Ving Tsun Museum

Meng’s Martial Arts Huber Heights Headquarters 5715 Brandt Pike Dayton, OH 45424 Dress Code for workshop: Formal Uniform & Rank Dinner Location:To be announced Dress code for Banquet is Business Casual Investment:Instructors/Masters- $30 for banquet, all other training/information included Black Belts – $68 for Public Workshop and Banquet All other participants – $108 for Public Workshops and Banquet*Instructor Training by Invitation only Instructor Material The Art & System The Marketing & Sales The Operations & Teaching Methodology.

GM Benny Meng
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