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 Sifu Michael Sampson

I would like to think my Sifu Grand Master Benny Meng for an very insightful weekend in Savannah Ga. We covered everything on the Fighter track 6 1/2 points. Every time I think Sifu can’t wow me anymore he makes a fool out of me ( in a good way ). I almost fill sorry for those that are missing out. Sifu has set a new path for himself and I’m 100% on board ready to grow even more. This weekend alone have set my training ahead of many others. (Not to put myself above the rest ) but I’ve seen a lot. So I want to thank you from my heart Sifu. Now if I could only get my students to shut up about you. Lol

  • Brad Ryan I Agree. We are really lucky to have Sifu as our leader. Tiger Track rocks! Looks like you had a great turn out, great leadership Master Sifu Michael Sampson.
  • Sifu Michael Sampson If any of brothers have had Sifu at there yet to cover the 6 1/2 points get him there ASAP trust me !!!
  • Brad Ryan I Was the first of the branch I agree, get him there!
  • Chango Noaks Sr. This path is setting a new era of Meng’s martial arts! I’m more then excited!
  • Benny Meng Sifu Michael Sampson have a great group. We cover a lot this weekend. But still that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Students from the workshop

I greatly enjoyed the philosophy aspect of Wing Chun. I also appreciate the introduction to the new ideas of Shaolin wisdom, as a beginner. Thank you for also the stretching exercises. Would buy a video of just these. Michael A

Great seminar, It would be nice to do some free combat on one of our space so we can get a feel on what form to use when attack occurs. – Bingley H.

I enjoyed the seminar on VTM 61/2 Tiger Track. I feel like I learned a lot but I know I have to study or I will forget. My mind is blank right now, too much info, but I do want to take my skills to the limits for the school and the family, or myself too. All in all, thank you for your time! James Coleman III

I enjoyed the philosophy behind Wing Chun. I can apply a lot of what I’ve learned to other parts of my life. Suran Parker

Sigung’s workshops are always great, I never miss one. I’ve been studying Wing Chun for eight years and I am still always learning all the time. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. GM Meng’s workshops are very inspiring. Freddie Clifton

Great seminar, Sigung. Really enjoyed the philosophical parts as well as the physical parts of the VTM 61/2 Tiger Track that I could do. Just need to get on the floor and apply it! Thanks again, Sigung! Michael Davis

I learned more about myself as a person and a martial artist. Grand Master Meng spoke about the philosophy of Wing Chun under the 6 ½ points that apply the hands on tiger path. Through the training I was able to recognize myself in range, energy, timing, and space. Much of the knowledge sunk in gradually, and he broke everything down to where we could understand clearly. He explained how we must harmonize with life outside of us, and we can only master our internal reality. I’m excited about what this new journey in Wing Chun has to offer. Justin Toney

Grand Master Meng’s seminar was the best yet! The new tiger track is very exciting and the future looks bright for the Meng’s organization. I look forward to the next seminar. Jason Weyl

The class and information was both fun and very challenging to the mind. I love the format in which it’s done. I hope we get to the areas we missed next year. Carl Atkins

Really enjoyed the seminar! Thought it was very informative and thoughtful the training was well explained and laid out. Also thought the kid’s seminar was great. My son learned a great deal and GM made it fun for them all while demanding respect from them. It was good for them. Thank you so much for your time, space, and energy! Elizabeth McGeher

I think that Grand Master Benny Meng’s seminar was very enlightening on the 9 gates, time, space, and energy. It was the first time I heard about the real triads and what they represented. And he talked about the tiger track or path it’s going to take time but I am willing. Meng’s Martial Arts is about Harmony of Body, Mind, and Spirit. I will learn to be more in time with my inner self to grow outwardly. I would like to come to more seminars in the future. A. Overton

Being new, I felt like this was very helpful and helped me decide what path I want to go with my Wing Chun. I think the seminar was exceptional with 61/2 Tiger Track. I have no complaints. JC Britz

Great examples of Triad. GM go down the line and check everyone’s tools. Great class, don’t change the flow! Excellent energy!

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