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The Ving Tsun Museum is well underway to becoming a home for the unique artifacts and rich historical documents of this system of Kung Fu. Besides housing these rare items, the Museum is also a fully recognized certification and training center for the rich tradition of Wing Chun. Through the efforts of many Wing Chun family members, with their contributions of time and money, the first stages of the Museum's development have been recognized with the completion of the building and the interior.

The building itself has cost a total of over $350,000 dollars. The final cost for the interior will be another $60,000 dollars. External renovations will cost upwards of $30,000 with another $12,000 for the 2nd International Workshop held in October.

As we look to the future, there is envisioned another facility, in which the museum can permanently call home. This building will not only house the Museum's precious artifacts, but will also contain visitor's quarters, special training areas, and a full library for all literature of Wing Chun. With the Ving Tsun Museum's completion, we will be certain of keeping the teachings of our ancestors and not have the concern of losing this gem of martial arts. But this can only take place with your continued support. We ask that you continue to support this project any way that you can. By your continued contribution and support, we can realize the Ving Tsun Museum's ultimate completion and benefit from its existence for years to come. Any donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible as contributions to a non-political/nonprofit organization.

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