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The VTM offers memberships to its visitors beginning at a cost of 35.00 for one year. This membership includes discounts on VTM hosted events, as well as information available only to our members.

    The current price schedule and benefits for membership is as follows:
    (You may click on any membership to begin the application process)
  • 1 year membership $35 - receive 10% discount on workshops and retail purchases.
  • 2 year membership $55 - receive 15% discount on workshops and retail purchases.
  • 3 year membership $75 - receive 20% discount on workshops and retail purchases.

For more information please email us at mengfhtm@yahoo.com or write/call at:

5715 Brant Pike
Dayton, Oh 45424
phone: (937) 236-6485

If you would like to buy your membership online, please go to our membership application.

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