September 10-24, 1994

(l/r) Moy Yat and Benny Meng in Yip Man's home

(l/r) Benny Meng, Moy Yat and Yip Ching at Yip Man's tomb

Inside the Ving Tsun Athletic Association.
(l/r) Moy Yat, Wong Shong Leung, Chu Man-Sit, Yip Ching, Yip Chun

Moy Yat playing the drum during a visit to his home town of Toishan, China

Moy Yat paying his respects to the ancestors

Moy Yat demonstrating Ving Tsun in his home town of Toi Shan with Benny Meng

A group photo of Sifu Moy Yat with a few of his students from the US and China

Dinner in Hong Kong
(l/r) Jeffrey Chan, Moy Yat, Ng Tsia, Benny Meng
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