1. The Electorate Seats of the Ving Tsun Hall of Fame Shall consist of nine people. The owners of the Electorate Seats shall be hereby identified as the following:
    • Three widely acclaimed Federations and/or Associations renowned for their promotions of the Ving Tsun Art form.
    • Two Widely recognized publications renowned for their support of the Ving Tsun Art form.
    • Two Distinguished Individuals, chosen from Teachers of , Promoters of, or Contributors to the Ving Tsun Art form.
    • The Chair of the Ving Tsun Museum Committee.
    • The Curator of the Ving Tsun Museum
  2. The chair of the Ving Tsun Museum committee shall invite the public to submit names to be considered by the duly constituted authorities for commemoration in the Ving Tsun Hall of Fame. Such names must be presented before January 1 of the year for which they are to be considered. Such nominations from the general public must be submitted on forms obtainable from the Ving Tsun Museum Committee.
  3. All names received from the public shall be placed before the Electorate Board, and the top Two names in each category (living and Deceased) receiving the most preliminary votes from the Electorate Board during the preliminary elections, to be held no later than April 15, shall be promoted to the station of Finalist.
  4. From the Two Finalist Names in each category obtained through the preliminary elections provided for in Section Three, the name receiving or surpassing a simple majority vote of the Electorate Board shall be made eligible for inscription. This election is to be help no later than May 1.
  5. Each name to be inscribed into the Ving Tsun Hall of Fame shall be done so on the Fourth of July year.
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