September 7-9, 2001

Reviews from the Workshop

For the 3rd public Hung Fa Yi Workshop, fourty-four people attended coming from such diverse places as Canada, Phoenix, St. Louis, Kansas City, Rochester, Detroit, and Dayton. Below are the feedback from many of the workshop participants.

"The workshop covered HFY history, body mechanics, technical knowledge, and skill levels. This was a three stage progression starting with structure adding the science of three reference points, the triangle theory, and the five line theory. All of the above was related to Siu Nim Tao and was identified with the Siu Lim Tao "drilling" in the beginning. The reality of the workshop was demonstrated with the punch, kick, and laahp sau/laahp da and this was referenced back to Siu Nim Tao. This was the most in-depth seminar I have attended. The presentation was "Awesome!" Grandmaster Gee demonstrated that he is a true living treasure." - John
"It can be described as standing in a dark room and Sigung Gee turned the lights on. I am no longer wandering around bumping into the information. It is clearly laid out and explained. The personal contact with Sigung Gee really allows you to not only see but feel the science of the HFY system. This system not only asks you to understand but to test the information. Every part of the system is laid out link an indestructible chain, each part linking to the next. With every insight, each mystery or artistic expression is laid to rest. There are thousands of opinions or half-truths but only one compete truth." - Saat Geng Sau
"Kick Ass! ;-) " - Dan
"Wow! So much information! The seminar was terrific. It truly enabled me to understand my deficiencies and what to do to correct them, which for me, is extremely important because of my size. I thank you _so_ much for the time you dedicated to each of us this weekend. It was truly an honor working with the best in the field. Thank you very much and have a great flight home." - Karen
"I think HFYWC is realistic and I like how Sigung talks about and teaches the system and his openness to express his love for the system this is a very special art of combat Sigung answers all questions completely and has you leaving his workshops satisfied. Sigung is a true professional and pioneer of the HFY system. Thank you Sigung Garrett Gee." - Nathan
"This workshop provided me and all those who were able to attend the opportunity to gain even more insight into the HFY system. The information was very detailed. Sigu Gee provided a wealth of rich information. I just wanted to say is 'Thanks' to Sifu Meng and Sifu Gee."
"The workshop was very insightful. Sifu Gee never disappoints an eager crowd. He's a walking encyclopedia. It was money well spent and I would recommend the HFY science to anyone. It really gives a good perspective on combat and everyday life as well. Truly in a class of its own." - Dac
"This workshop was very informative. Grandmaster Gee's methodological presentation of HFY's body mechanics and technical knowledge was eye opening." - John
"I really enjoyed the workshop I learned a lot of combat skills that are very complex but also simple and plain once you get understanding to apply the science. Everything supports itself. A powerful system. Master Gee was a great teaches and Master Meng was a great host and very helpful." - Alan
"Excellent! Baai Si ceremony was very traditional. I heard a lot of good comments. People from out of town who saw HFY for the first time were very impressed. I think the information given was digestible for everyone (no information overload). My impression is that everyone from the workshop had a positive experience. Still amazed at how many layers of details the HFY onion has." - Mike
"I really enjoyed the workshop and feel that Grandmaster Gee gave an excellent presentation. The systematic art of HFY leaves the guesswork behind and shows the path to strategic martial arts perfection." - Brian
"My experience with martial arts is only four months so I have nothing to compare HFY with. However, the principles of efficiency and time and space expressed in HFY makes much sense. In any given situation or circumstance, there is an optimal space that one should occupy and that space should be occupied at the proper and most efficient time. The same can also be said regarding the human body structure. Overall I feel much more educated than I did before regarding HFY and martial arts in general, especially regarding its history and philosophy. No doubt I have a long road to travel on my journey, but thanks to Sigung Gee and Sifu Meng, I have accomplished much this weekend." - Nader
"I'd like to that Grandmaster Gee for a wonderful seminar. I feel very fortunate to have found HFY and this seminar reinforced that thought. The amount of information that Sifu Gee presented this weekend was unbelievable. I really liked the scientific method for training that he presented. This makes remembering the drills easier and allows me to learn them faster. I'm really looking forward to seeing Sigung Gee again in November." - James
"I have found this seminar, like the first one, to keep my fire burning for more. I enjoyed how the seminar was conducted, using explanation, then physical exercises to prove what was being taught. I can't wait to see it again and again." - Joe
"The extensive knowledge that was shared has forever changed my perspective of time and space reality." - Sam
"Sigung's knowledge of this subject matter is exceptional, it gave me a much better understanding of HFY and of myself in relationship with three dimensional time and space. I still have much to learn, but this has given me a very good start." - Jerry
"The HFY seminar has been highly informative, entertaining and enlightening. Sigung Gee was very forthcoming in knowledge and details of the HFY system. One bit of information that stands out in my mind was the nature of the HFY laahp da. When done correctly with respect to proper time and space, then there is only one. The technique does not allow challenge and remaining true to the system gives the practitioner a superior position where his/her six gates face the opponent's three or two gates (if correctly breaking the opponent's structure). It was also entertaining. I enjoyed the time talking and sharing with my Kung Fu brothers and uncles. Both Sibaak Allen and Sibaak Jeff were very helpful and approachable. Just being around people of character that shared a common love (kung fu), with them brings me joy. I also felt a sense of enlightenment when I had a few personal paradigms. As I was introduced to drills that I was not familiar with, I found that I could refer to the concepts, and the forms to bring understanding. This sense of c ontinuity within the system gave me cause to smile on various occasions. I also was enlighten a few times when I experienced out effective HFY can be. In conclusion, I found this workshop stimulating on many levels and I will have to spend the next few months sorting through the details. My thanks to Sifu, Sigung, my Sibaaks and Sihings." - Chris
"I'm beginning to experience the paradigm shift. The seminar has also helped me in the body mechanics and structural area which means that my foundation has been strengthened. This will allow me immediate improvement to the superstructure it supports. I also had a glimpse of what real and not real means as well as time and space as it applies to that which exists versus that which does not exist in time and space. I definitely sense the Zen presence."
"This has been the most useful and informative seminar on martial arts I've attended. The progression from history to technical background and body mechanics was logical and set the stage for all the practical hands-on training which followed. The energy and enthusiasm of Sifu Gee was infinite. Experiencing HFY with my own body under his instructions was an excellent learning tool. HFY is a "self-connecting" system. While training with a partner and there is doubt about correctness and form, we refer back to SNT (SLT) for proper body mechanics. - Skip
"HFY class were packed with so many good information my brain hurts. I learned so much history, techniques, and science - a science that really works. This is the real Wing Chun. You are given a blueprint that if followed will work all the time."
"The workshop covered many important concepts and technical details in the HFY System. I thought that the importance of body mechanics was the key to everything else that was learned during the past three days. It is going to take some time to absorb and digest the technical details and how they relate to the concepts of the HFY system."
"Thank you very much for helping me develop ways to let me better understand my structure and place in being in HFYWC. It was quite informative in showing me the chi sau and bringing my energy to another level of being able to release it more effectively. Also, the SLT helped me to now understand how energy is involved in the process of bringing it all together. Once again, thank you Sitaigung for everything and I hope to see you again in the near future and show my improvements that you helped me with." - Kyle (ps - the history aspect was excellent to know where our roots come from. Thank you for bringing this style out to show me and the world.)
"Thank you for presenting this seminar. It has been a rich and rewarding experience with the structure and basics of the HFY system. The exercises helped me with understanding the system. We need to continue to learn training exercises to enhance our own skill level and reinforce the system. The tour of the Museum and learning the history was outstanding. Thank you." - Mark
"This was a great seminar. Master Gee is an excellent speaker that is extremely thorough in detail. He was very clear and made sure that the subject was fully explained and was understood. Master Gee definitely a great teacher. I am looking forward to the next seminar he will be speaking at. Master Meng and his students were excellent hosts and made one feel welcome. Both Master Gee and Master Meng provided a GREAT learning environment which lead to a great seminar experience." - Adam
"I would like to thank, first of all Sifu and Sigung for this great opportunity to experience first-hand knowledge of the HFY system. I am truly amazed that every time we get together that the wealth of knowledge just keeps coming and coming. I have attended many seminars in my 25 years and have experienced many high-level speakers in the field of marital arts and walked away with a sense of confusion, frustration, and disillusionment. I am honestly say that Sifu's and Sigung's styles of teaching is very professional, very precise, and certainly scientifically based. I have never walked away disappointed, Great Job." - Wayne
"I have been training in the HFY for only a couple of months, so the knowledge I have gained from this seminar is unreal. I now have a better understanding of structure, training methods, and energy - especially in SNT/SLT. I thought the way Sitaigung Gee showed and explained exercises and techniques were clear and to the point. He showed that what you learn is what you use. So from the very beginning, you can apply the structure and the movements. I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to Sitaigung Gee, his students, Sigung Meng, and my Sibaaks for this wonderful experience." - James
"I have only been in the system for a short while. This workshop helped to make many concepts fuse together into one coherent system. Also this was the first time I was able to see applications for my kung fu. This system seems to be its own proof. Thank you for helping me in my quest to exist in time and space." - Doug
I found the workshop to be enlightening. The workshop expanded my way of thinking about time and space and its relationship to combat. The workshop also helped me to find the connection between the history of China and how it related to the formulation of the Wing Chun system. I found the explanation of how 5-line jong sao and skill challenge developed into chi sao to be outstanding. Grand master Gee's dedication and understanding of martial science was shown by his willingness to selflessly share Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun with all the workshops participants. Grand Master Gee made sure to take time to answer every question. I would recommend any workshop put on by the Ving Tsun Museum or Grand Master Gee. - Joel

Grand Master Garrett Gee and Allen Kong, just before the demonstration of the HFY Pole

Workshop participants training

Grand Master Garrett Gee and HFY Master Club members

Grand Master Garrett Gee demonstrating on Bob

Grand Master Garrett Gee and Dac Lam discussing Chi Sau during a barbecue

HFY Baai Si Ceremony for Jeremy Roadruck and Wayne Schulz, members of the 10th generation

Benny Meng presenting Grand Master Garrett Gee with calligraphy by a famous Chinese artist for the San Francisco Headquarters

Grand Master Garrett Gee with Benny Meng and some of his senior students

Workshop group photo

Workshop participants training Siu Nim Tau

Grand Master Garrett Gee demonstrating Laap Sau concepts on Benny Meng
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