November 6-8, 2009

It is with great excitement that the Ving Tsun Museum announces the new appointment of Master Benny Meng as a US regional coordinator of the World Wing Chun Union.

The World Wing Chun Union is a newly formed organization based out of Hong Kong. GM Ip Chun, the chairman of the WWCU and Sifu Checkley Sin, one of the vice chairmen of WWCU, also one of the producers of the renowned movie 'Ip Man' lead the committee which is consisted of the WC practitioners from the 3rd generation to 5th generation from Grand Master Ip Man. The young union, a non-profit organization, runs a simple and magnificent goal with the VTM -- to gather all WC lineages in unity.

The first WWCU event is scheduled for November 6-8, 2009 in Hong Kong and Foshan, China. This event, World Wing Chun Union Charitable Thousand People Grand Performance 2009 is intended to bring together at least 1,000 practitioners of Wing Chun from around the world, from various lineages inside and outside the Ip Man lineage, to demonstrate the diversity of Wing Chun and raise money for World Visions, a worldwide charitable organization ­ and even try for a Guinness World Record.

Basic Summery:

  • 1. To gather all WC lineage practitioners or representatives in the world to share their unique WC skills and make friends for each other as a base of the further development.
  • 2. The first worldwide WC performance for all WC lineages (Ip Man WC and non-Ip Man’s WC) that has even been seen in the WC world.
  • 3. The Grand Performance would be a charity fund raising for World Visions, a worldwide charitable organization. One or some philanthropies would plan to donate an amount of money to individual participant as an accumulating fund rising. The details will be told later.
  • 4. To plan to apply for the Guinness World Records for the Grand Performance.

Participants will spend Saturday November 7th in Hong Kong . All participants check out of the hotel and will be taken to the location of the performance before the noon time. The location is at Avenue of Stars the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui East. The performance will be started after the opening ceremony by Hong Kong government high officer, the representative of World Visions Hong Kong and more. The program will be completed on or before 5:00pm

Sunday November 8th in Foshan. Foshan City performance:

On November 7 ( Saturday ): All participants will start on journey to Foshan by travel buses on or before 5:00pm. After checking in hotel and having dinner, a simple gathering and briefing event will be hold on somewhere in Foshan.

On November 8 (Sunday): A rehearsal may be hold before lunch time. Foshan government will prepare vehicles to carry all participants to join the Foshan Cultural Festival – the Grand Parade in autumn 2009. The parade will start on 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Nam Hoi district, Foshan. The Grand Performance 2009 will be completed when the parade is finished. The participants may come back Hong Kong directly under an earlier car-booking reservation, or start their further journey.

All participants will receive a special commemorative booklet and certificate of attendance. Schools with a significant number of participants (20-49, 50+) will also have the opportunity to share information on their school in the special commemorative booklet.

Itinerary (Preliminary)

Before, during and after this trip, the VTM will also have an opportunity to share our current research with the larger Wing Chun community, especially on some of the lesser known lineages in Hong Kong and Foshan from around the world such as the Black Flag Wing Chun and Chi Sim Weng Chun.

Before or after WWCU events, there will be free time or participate in VTM activities. (training, schools visit, VTAA HQ visit, Hong Kong Tour, etc.)

6 November (Friday)
3:00 -- 5:00PMArrival at Camp
6:30 -- 7:30PMDinner
8:30 -- 10:30PMReception, Performance Rehearsal, Group Exchange
7 November (Saturday)
6:30 -- 7:30AMBreakfast
8:00 -- 9:30AMAssembly at Tsimshatsui East Harbour Front
10:00 -- 11:00AMWing Chun Public Performance
11:30 -- 12:30PMLight Lunch
1:00 -- 4:00PMTravel to Foshan
5:00 -- 6:00PMArrival at own Hotels
6:30 -- 7:30PMDinner
8:30 -- 10:30PMReception, Performance Rehearsal, Group Exchange (organized by Foshan)
8 November (Sunday)
6:30 -- 7:30AMBreakfast
8:00 -- 9:30AMAssembly, Rehearsal
10:00 -- 11:00AMAutumn Carnival
12:00 -- 1:00PMLunch
2:00 -- 5:00PMTravel to Hong Kong , End of Convention

For only $200 USD, you can participate in this historic event. Your tuition includes: one hotel room Hong Kong and one in Foshan, Breakfast in both Hong Kong and Foshan, Lunch in both Hong Kong and Foshan, Dinner in Foshan, bottles of water, shuttle buses in Hong Kong and Foshan, and a commemorative T-shirt for the Grand Performance, a certificate of attendance, and a special booklet. For more information on the trip, please contact the Ving Tsun Museum at (937) 236-6485 or host @

Web site: or

The organizing committee is in discussion to arrange rooms, tours, and packages. More details will be coming soon!

This month, official filming began on the sequel to 'Ip Man' movie. This second movie will primarily focus on the period of time from when Ip Man fled the communists from Foshan to Hong Kong and met up with his first generation students. The movie will feature many Wing Chun legends, such as Leung Shun, Wong Shun Leung, and even a young Bruce Lee.

A second Wing Chun Museum is under construction in Foshan, with the main theme being Ip Man and a secondary theme of Wing Chun in General.

This new Museum will exist in addition to the Ip Man Tong.

Lots of exciting news for the Wing Chun community!

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