May 1997 : March/April - Wing Chun Today

Workshop Unites Ving Tsun Worldwide

by Benny Meng

You may have heard recently in IKF that Moy Yat and the Ving Tsun Athletic Association of Hong Kong have loosely united to make a statement in the face of divisiveness within the Wing Chun community at large. This is the long-awaited seminar that results from that unity.

This three-day workshop is a hands-on training opportunity for practitioners of all styles of Wing Chun. Moy Yat and Ip Ching will be there as well as senior disciples from around the world, to spread skills from this most perfect of arts.

Topics range from the forms, their exercises, and applications to Ving Tsun fighting, and health and fitness in Kung Fu. The masters will be available to all, and training opportunities abound. This is an excellent opportunity to become a part of the rich history of Ving Tsun.

The workshop will be held May 2-4, 1997, at the Ving Tsun Museum, 5715 Brandt Pike, Huber Heights, OH 45424. It is an excellent value at $200, which is a bargain for the wealth of material presented. For more information, contact Benny Meng at (937) 236-6485.


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