March 29-31, 2002

March 2002 Phoenix Hung Fa Yi Seminar Feedback

I have attended almost all of the Hung Fa Yi seminars presented by Grand Master Garrett Gee between the Headquarters school in San Francisco, the Ving Tsun Museum, and the Regional Headquarters in Arizona. At all of the seminars, I have learned an immense amount from the small percentage presented out of the larger whole of Hung Fa Yi. Aside from knowledge, I have continued to grow in one specific area, my self identity.

I have been training martial arts for over 16 years and have been teaching for more than 8 years. I have also studied and trained numerous martial art forms. I have competed in tournaments, won trophies, and considered myself a competent martial artist. But I was like everyone else, an artist. Art is a personal expression of oneself, it is not a Truism, and it is not a Science.

Before I began training the Hung Fa Yi, I had no self identity. I thought I knew who I was, where my skill level was, and where I was heading. I was wrong. In Hung Fa Yi terms, I was 'Fau Kiu'. I had no concept whatsoever of Time and Space, in my personal life or in the realm of martial arts. Again, I say martial arts because that's all I knew existed. Hung Fa Yi changed that existence.

Every seminar I have attended, the concept of Self Identity has been used extensively. In the beginning, I had no idea what that meant. Through training and attending the previous seminars, I felt I had a good view of my self identity. After attending the Seminar in March 2002, I had what the Hung Fa Yi call, an 'awakening'. With all of the knowledge, all of the details, and all of the skill I thought I had attained prior to and in the Hung Fa Yi, I thought I had a good start down the road to learning the 'Science.' But I was given a rude awakening.

My experience was akin to walking a pathway. You walk on the path thinking you know the path and know where you are going. But one day as you are walking on the path, you see the path differently. You realize you have only been walking a small section of the path and realize the path is much longer than you originally had seen. You now realize you have no idea where you fit in the world, where the path goes, or what the destination will be. It is a humbling, yet exhilarating experience. This is how I felt and what I learned in the seminar.

I thought I was beginning to know my self identity. But after the seminar, I realized I had seen only a small portion, a very small portion, of the science of Hung Fa Yi. I continue to build on my concept of self identity but have not the knowledge or comprehension at this stage to see where I am going or where my path shall end. I have never felt more invigorated or motivated to keep walking the path to build my knowledge of the world of Hung Fa Yi science to cement my self identity in that world.

I learned the knowledge of Time and Space is vast, but can be explained and expressed in the simplest of ways. I thought I knew how to express the concepts of Time and Space in relation to my own body and could give a 1-2 hour seminar explaining it. I knew all of the concepts needed to be expressed in the body but did not know the simplest ways of expressing them only using the body, no words. During the seminar, I learned how to express these complex concepts just by using the body and I feel my knowledge of those concepts as well as my self identity has grown immensely.

The seminar was conducted just like a college course. Each concept was explained and analyzed in a very logical progression. First, the concept was explained very generally and a simple, very undetailed, exercise was given to begin understanding the most basic expression of the concept. As our understanding of the concepts grew, other more detailed exercises were given so we could not only understand the knowledge, but we could express it in our body.

Never before in my life have I seen a more detailed, yet more efficient Science. Every single piece of the Hung Fa Yi fits together. It is a whole, not contingent upon the sum of its parts. It is all, or nothing. You either have it or you don't. It is not art, it is Science. Everything has a reason, an explanation, and a part to play within that Science. You can't just pick out pieces of it and add it to something else. It is complete. It is whole, and it needs nothing else, except for someone to learn and express it to bring it to life.

If I learned anything at all during this seminar, it is that most of us walk through the world thinking we know the world we live in. We think we have a good understanding of how things work and why. But one day, some of us wake up, or are woken up, to the realization that there is much more in the world than we ever imagined possible. Master Garrett Gee, Benny Meng, and Richard Loewenhagen have taught the concepts, the methodologies, and how to express them many times, but it was not until now that I had finally 'woken' up to see the world around me and what it has to offer.

I still do not know where my path shall lead or how I will be lead down it, but I do know that it is the path of True Time and Space Martial Science and I shall follow the path to its end.

Jeff Loewenhagen
Dai Si Hing
Meng's Martial Arts of Arizona

What language are we speaking?

This weekend's seminar makes a really big statement. It is important to note that when talking about systems, the best way to get results is to know the constants versus the variables through consistencies. I have learned that one of the key ingredients to replicate practitioners is that everyone speaks the same language. Different explanations lead to different messages and eventually create delusion, a different creature from the original.

Hung Fa Yi's ability to maintain its true identity from whence it has been realized is proof of that. Throughout the system everything is interrelated and fully functional in a logical and systematic relationship. This seminar has shown quite efficiently how consistency is used to go from one step to the next. Consistency being principles, concepts, philosophy, and science. On top of that, in order to communicate all these aspects and get consistent results there must be a standard language we all speak - no one's personal interpretation, but a universal language.

One of the greatest rewards is having the ability to do just that, and that is what we are all learning in this seminar.

Savi Kruoch
Meng's of AZ Student

This seminar helped to firm up my understanding of the Wing Chun Formula. I liked the formula exercises and that they demonstrated, on a very specific level, the physical requirements of the formula, at the same time, describing the technical aspects and concepts.

I also found that Master Gee's explanations of the basis of the first level clarified a lot of misconceptions that I had. I know have a deeper understanding of Siu Nim Tao. I discovered that in the form itself, I was doing quite a few things incorrectly. I was very pleased with being introduced to the HFY two-hand Chi Sao and the other reaction timing training.

This is the 1st HFY seminar I have been to where we went over concepts and exercises that I had prior experience with - such as Siu Nim Tao, 2 line, 5 line, Daan Chi Sao. I was much more comfortable around Master Gee this time. I was less intimidated and quite a lot of the mystery of the HFY is now gone. This familiarity helps to further my training. It allows me to relax and better absorb the material.

I am looking forward to the Chi Gung exercises Master Gee introduced. I hope to be one of the students who does the exercises on a daily basis and can report on the progress/results in the months ahead.

J.K. Walz
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

This weekend's activities have had a profound effect on me personally that permanently reshapes my thoughts, beliefs, and training approach to the martial arts. Having studied Shotokan for over 12 years with parallel study in Goshin Jitsu Karate, I felt secure in my abilities. In fact, I previously believed that no system was superior to another, that superiority was manifested by the attributes of the practitioner rather than in the methodology and techniques of the system. Now, my blindfold has been removed and I believe that with practice and study, I can begin to clearly see the true picture.

The most important realization for me this weekend was the utility, depth and breadth of the formula. As was stated numerous times, one expresses the formula or one does not - there is no effective approximation. No other art that I have studied can be broken down and expressed as a formula to efficiently communicate the content and intent of the system.

Prior to this weekend, I was holding myself back from contributing 100% of my mind, body, and spirit to kung fu because of the adherence to my constipated beliefs. Now I am ready and excited to devote myself 100% to the study of combat science through Hung Fa Yi.

Brett Marsh
Meng's of AZ Student

Wandering. This term carries a definite connotation. Wandering infers that one will arrive somewhere but arrival is not the intent. In the HFY seminar held March 29-31, wandering, not arriving, seemed to be the main emphasis.

To explain this is the following example:
We were led through a progression of simple exercises. That progression gave us a vast plane in which to meander and realize many experiences. As we came to realizations, our wandering began to shift to an awareness and desire to seek a destination. When our destination comes into focus, we then attempt to arrive in the most efficient manner. Thus, we experienced the first stage of Saam Mou Kiu.

David Escarcega
Meng's of AZ Student

I was asked what I got out of the seminar. First of all was Information. Second would be the Body Mechanics. Third is the Experience! I found it hard to connect this question to the experience, just because the experience was so intense. As I focused on the individual piece of the activities with each of my partners, I then understood the full picture.

The most basic answer that I could give is the overwhelming knowledge of basic information. The Siu Nim Tao "level one" information has been explained to me before, but not in the same way. To see it in another perspective is what gives you the technical knowledge of what was overlooked the times before. Along with all of this, the best was the history of HFY and our SiTai Gung's past.

Out of all this information, my body learned new mechanics as I practiced the simple motions of, in what I thought, was the most efficient way. The information that was given to me, made more sense, in relation to my body, after putting the two together. In all, creating the most efficient motions for my body is something that means more to me than most treasures of the world. The way this was brought to me from my Sisuks, Sigung, Sisuk Gung's, and my SiTai Gung, brings on a new evolutionary stage of my kung fu.

To talk about an experience is not enough. Some people say you must see it to believe it. The same principle applies. I could never give you the true meaning behind what I say, but take it for what its worth, the experience to me is the emotional influence of the actions and words of the seminar. The people that I had the pleasure of working with gave me the knowledge, concepts, and their approach to the experiences. In all, giving me experience.

In completion of the seminar, I have grown in ways I could not anticipate. My kung fu has obtained knowledge that goes beyond the outside world, both in an educational way, but mostly in a philosophical way. Thank you all for your information, technical knowledge, and the all around philosophical enlightenment.

James Crump
Meng's of AZ Student

The opening of the Spring 2002 HFYWC seminar in Chandler, AZ. can be summed up with two words, "Absolute reality". I found that the theories, concepts, exercises and history supported each other and were deeply intertwined.

I found the seminar structured like a college science course with lectures on theory and concepts and hands-on repeatable lab experiences for the participants. It dawned on me during this course that HFY is absolute reality. Working with HFY is just like proving a formula with actual real life environment instruments.

Basic exercises of gate theory for hands and feet, range, and energy are all intertwined in the HFYWC formulas, from basic understanding of body alignments to simple elementary detail, as in the opening of Siu Nim Tao. Also, what I found necessary for reality was the exercise of surprise engagement to neutralizing the attack with Chi Sao. Initially, when under attack, we have no sense of our opponents' energy or line of attack until we get a feel of our opponent with Chi Sao.

Coming out of this seminar, I feel more confident and better equipped to handle absolute reality.

Thank you, again, Si Tai Gung and the Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Wing Chun Family for providing this privilege of knowledge.

Ned Begay
Meng's of AZ Student

Hung Fa Yi gives me a feeling of assurance at the earliest stages of training. With the understanding that the physical aspect needs time and experience to reach its fullest potential, the mental aspects open up a whole new world.

Studying Popular Wing Chun helped me understand more concepts of the Hung Fa Yi System and helped me come to the realization that Hung Fa Yi is superior in terms of efficiency.

While Popular Wing Chun has undoubtedly proven itself over the years, you can see through the Hung Fa Yi Formula that the concepts and principles are more simple and logical in comparison. The ideas and solutions are much more straight forward. There is no space or time given up. This is the definition of "martial." You can not afford to be inefficient in combat or the consequences could be extremely damaging.

This three dimensional martial art is completely reliable, not only in terms of history, but also in terms of science. We hear the word "reality" and think differently about the true meaning of the word. Reality to me is the Hung Fa Yi Formula. You can study the formula, apply it to your own body parts, and make it work indefinitely. I have proven that to myself in these last few days.

Even without the whole entire picture, I can make the physical and mental aspects work with the application of the basic formula. I found that to be the most convincing evidence thus far. Hung Fa Yi is maximum efficiency.

Liza Loewenhagen
Meng's of AZ Student

This seminar has been full of powerful information. There has been plenty of technical information but the gems have been the discussions on the concepts. The principles explained are greatly welcome. The "how" of things is great, but the "why" is even better.

I have taken from this a great new understanding. There is true science to what we did. Measurable distances of body mechanics using time, space, and energy to create maximum efficiency.

There has been frustration in the fact that I wish I could learn faster, but there is also appreciation in knowing the outcome will be great.

Having studied Popular Wing Chun, I have seen the differences and the truth that lies in the formula of Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun. We live in a world that has laws and rules. These rules cannot be broken or changed. The formula uses these rules and does not try to break them. I am ready to learn more.

Shawn Miller
Meng's of AZ Student

Talking about space, time, and energy, I consider myself a lucky guy that I had the opportunity to be here at the right time in the right place.

Straight from the magnificent Netherlands to the place where HFY was exposed to the public for the first time.

After that my employer sent me for business training to a place near San Francisco. I was lucky to spend considerable time at the HFY headquarters and trained under the guidance of Si Tai Gung Gee and his students.

Together with the outstanding teaching of Sifu Loewenhagen, this weekend was another step in the HFY way showing me that HFY WCK is engineering of combat based on a set of concepts (the Wing Chun formula) that can be demonstrated by body language and regular words. Only strict compliance to this formula will result in HFY WCK, the system of real combat engineers.

Ben De Boer
Meng's of AZ Student

My purpose in attending this seminar is to gain more insight into HFY and information that leads to kung fu life. In this seminar I gained better understanding of the differences between physical or technical training and mental or internal training. If you concentrate on the techniques, you become mechanical in your training and art and will not gain the true essence of your studies. However, if you internalize your studies you become a living expression of your art. Once you have achieved this level of being, you can continue to grow and develop.

In time, attributes will diminish but the internalized development will continue on as long as there is life.

John Lambert
Ving Tsun Museum Student

These three days of the seminar with Grand Master Gee were enlightening both physically and spiritually. First was when I failed the test on Hung Fa Yi jong sao. This was when the light went on to show me that in order to understand this system, I must express it from a both a physical and a philosophical stand point. I must be able to explain my movements through words as much as through my body. Also, I must not fall into the hole of expressing my kung fu or my Sifu's kung fu. I must express Hung Fa Yi kung fu in order to speak to all of my brothers and sisters and be understood. From this point on, my goal is to be as true to the Hung Fa Yi as a whole not just the mechanical aspects. We learned from internal to external exercises and I for one will be sure to understand and improve upon when Grand Master Gee comes back to test us again. When the next test comes, I am sure I will pass. Thank you to Grand Master Gee, Si Gung Benny Meng, Sifu Loewenhagen, and all my Si Suks for sharing all their knowledge unselfishly to promote the life of Hung Fa Yi.

Martin Rivas
Meng's of AZ Student

The teachings of this seminar have shown me a better appreciation for the wandering stage of training. The progressions of the exercises illustrate the importance of letting the hands gain experience before fine tuning the drill. I had not been clear on how valuable this stage of training really is. The ability to express the Wing Chun Formula so easily in your body without the burden of vocabulary also stands out to me. The clarification of intent in our drills is something I am very pleased with. The review and repetition of the body mechanics learned will help keep the information readily accessible in both mind and body.

Crystal Melton
Meng's of AZ Student

My experience for the seminar has been less on individual techniques and more on the application of principles and concepts. Seeing the consistency of the physical examples through the formula was only possible by looking at concepts first and techniques second. I found this also made focus for the exercise not only easier, but essential. Understanding the fundamental conceptual nature of the science, I can see why people who visually were working the same exercise could be receiving vastly different training. The practitioner who understood the concepts was learning Hung Fa Yi. The one who didn't, received attributal training only.

Lowell Fox
Meng's of AZ Student

The review on basics and the repetitions of 10 for each exercise was most helpful. Discussion times and practice times were balanced well and very informative. Master Gee was very open and available for questions at all times during the seminar which was very nice. Everyone at the seminar was very friendly and very helpful. The Chi Gung exercises were great and very exciting. More evening time would have been helpful.

Kim Younkin
Meng's of AZ Student

This weekend's workshop has been very educational. As a HFY Student at the very beginning stages of my training, I feel this weekend has enlightened me very much in areas where I previously had many questions. I especially liked the formula exercises. I am much more comfortable with the formula, its details and, ultimately, its significance to the system itself. I have learned now and understand the importance of all of our schools "speaking the same language," and I think it is a very special thing to have all of the schools working together and being a part of each other.

I am very encouraged by this weekend and am really looking forward to learning as much as I can about this incredible science.

Amy Welch
Meng's of AZ Student

This seminar with Si Gung was fantastic, as usual. We learned the clear expression of the 1st level concepts. This will greatly benefit the entire organization as we define our common language. It is clear to me that the importance of this is to one common identity of all 1st level practitioners.

Sigung also expressed why we must define the box that determines our existence. Without a frame of reference, then we have no basis for our reality of Time and Space. Our box is based on the true science of HFY which is the nature of human combat.

Mike Matthews
Ving Tsun Museum Student

The more I learn of the HFY system, the clearer the logic behind the system becomes. This seminar solidified in my mind the absolute importance of the HFY Formula. Every motion must be based on the formula, and every motion must express the formula. It is obvious that with HFY the mind and the body are not supplemental or complimentary to one another, they are one in the same and you cannot truly have one without the other.

During the seminar, the idea that we must all be "speaking the same language" became increasingly clear to me. Without identical vocabulary and definitions it is impossible to perfectly replicate, and the potential danger of a 'system' becoming a 'style', a 'science' becoming an 'art,' becomes increasingly real. I also began to understand the importance of traveling through the three stages of awareness. No matter how eager you may be, you must "wander" in order to experience enough to become "aware," and you must be "aware" in order to "focus." I look forward to the future, and I eagerly anticipate walking down the HFY path and discovering my own self-identity. I am excited about this journey, and it is the journey itself, and not the destination, that drives me onward.

Levi Melton
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student
Touch the stone, cross the river
From wandering, to awareness, to focus  

Beginning with experience, you must learn to focus on what is real. Through various methods, Grand Master Gee brought into sharp focus the training progression of HFY. As the student progresses, information changes from general to specific. Each question has a specific answer, concept and body mechanics. Training must include real threat to myself, the basis of self defense skill. Each piece of the system builds on each other piece. This high level of training must be experienced for yourself. If you are looking for the reality of human combat, you owe it to yourself to experience HFY. No other art comes close to the bulls-eye.

Jeremy Roadruck
Ving Tsun Museum Student

Having a small amount of knowledge of Popular Wing Chun, I expected to see greater detail in the HFY Wing Chun formula. I have come to see that the HFY formula is constant and holds true to the criteria for a formula because the numbers are a constant and are based upon geometric and anabolic structures that do not change.


have also realized that the Leung Yi Ma Stance allows you to have both hands on center and get both elbows on Yin lines. In Popular Wing Chun, the stance does not allow you to occupy center with both hands and keep both elbows on the Yin lines. I realize that there are many other advantages to Hung Fa Yi, but I'm not able to articulate all of them.

Most important, this seminar has shown me that HFY is a science. The formula is constant. And like any true mathematical formula, it does not need to be personalized or added to. The art is complete and all of its parts cohesive.

I look forward to training and hopefully one day I can master HFY. For me, there is no reason to pursue other arts for combat because this HFY science has proven to be the most effective.

Michael Smith
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

This weekend has reinforced my belief in the HFY system. Being a technically trained professional (engineer), HFY to me is more of a combat science than an art. But to technical people, science is art. From that perspective, it's a combat art also. But I also understand that not all art is science. That is what sets HFY apart from other martial art that I'm familiar with.

As an engineer, I live in a digital world. Everything is a "1" or a "0". With Hung Fa Yi, you have it or you don't. Hung Fa Yi has a formula, it's measurable. You can examine a person's structure and observe whether the formula is present or not. The formula can be expressed in both words and body movements (positions).

This seminar has given me a much greater understanding of the language of Hung Fa Yi. I can express the formula with my body and with very few words. I understand the principles on which the formula is based - the most efficient use of the human body for combat.

The coverage or review of centerlines, 5 line theory, 6 and 4 gate theory, Jong Sao, Gate Jong, etc. has been great and most beneficial. If this was not great and I didn't believe in this system, I would not be here on Easter Sunday.

Carl Davenport
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

As a beginner in Popular Wing Chun, and having taken the 3 day HFY seminar, I have gained a considerable knowledge about the history of martial arts in general, Hung Fa Yi's place in that history, the language used to express that system. Most importantly, I have learned that it is important to learn these things in conjunction with learning the system itself. If martial arts is about knowing and understanding oneself, then the student of martial arts should wholly and completely know the system in order to completely understand oneself.

Anthony Jacobs
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

The knowledge that I have gained in this seminar included initial study in the progression from Fau Kiu to the Saan Kiu stage of awareness. The use of efficient foot placement to allow rapid transition from the wandering stage to expression of the Wing Chun formula was examined and discussed.

Body Mechanics and training continues to be a focus of the HFY training. The expression of the elements of the Wing Chun formula was trained as expressed in the Siu Nim Tao form. The concept of Awareness of elbow position with respect to 5 line theory was enhanced in this seminar.

The concept of 2 center lines reinforced and envisioned in more detail than I had previously realized. The importance of good structure was also realized to greater extent.

A strong emphasis was placed on internally consistent logical explanations of training methods, structure, and techniques. I feel that this logical emphasis facilitates more rapid learning of core elements of the system by using science logic instead of memorization to express the intent of the form.

Tom Blank
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

One topic covered at the seminar that provided personal insight was the Wing Chun Formula. I had no idea that the entire nature of Wing Chun Kung Fu was expressed in the opening motions of Siu Nim Tao. Those principles, if followed, provide a foundation that if deviated from changes the science of combat into a personal artistic expression. The details are what allow for authentic and consistent reproduction. Any evolution from a perceived science can only lead to its misinformation.

Also, the seminar reinforced the need for a common language to allow clear communication of information. All of human history and understanding hinges on the ability to communicate information from one generation to the next. Without communication, we would be constantly forced to reinvent the wheel. Many Kung Fu practitioners have been forced to reinvent and this has lead to misinformation. Therefore, simple, direct, efficient communication is necessary to pass on information. This language does not have to be written or spoken but can be expressed with the body. In fact the most efficient communication is expressed in the body.

Andy Murrish
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

This seminar was the best HFY seminar to date. There was so much clarification about the formula. We established a common language for the schools. Now we can all communicate on the same level. This was presented in the most efficient and simplest terms and expressions. The opening of Siu Nim Tao expresses the entire formula. Si Gung was so effective in communicating exactly what he wanted, the common language, through his simple explanations and exercises. All the Body Mechanics and the exercises we went over are related back to the forms and Si Gung did an excellent job of clarifying this. Also, the clarification on exactly what we will need for the first level testing.

This seminar emphasized how important it is to know yourself first before trying to understand your opponent. Si Gung told us to express the formula without words and described through our bodies. We learned that Siu Nim Tao is about getting to know ourselves, gates, range, and references to be effective with HFY, and that this is the most important step. Now that I understand, I can work on getting my body to be proficient at expressing the formula. The hard part will be getting my body to catch up with my mind.

Also, Sifu Meng's explanation of the progression/history of Wing Chun kung fu was very important in my understanding of the differences between styles and science. This seminar showed that HFY truly is the science of hand to hand combat and if the formula is followed properly you will not fail.

Jaime Ewald
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

This weekend's seminar showed us how to think through the information presented to us using the Zen concept of Saam Mo Kiu. By using the three different levels of awareness we explored the concepts from the wandering stage through the awareness stage to the focus stage. Each exercise was approached with the same progression reinforcing the above concepts.

The main focus of the seminar was to insure that all the branch schools are talking and acting with the same HFY language. Thus preserving the uniqueness of the system, and reinforcing our self identity.

Mark Jones
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

HFY is not driven by technique - it's driven by mathematical certainty and reality. Technique alone represents an illusion - there can be many different interpretations of a technique, but if you have the scientific concept and the formula to back up the technique, there can only be one interpretation. There are many different ways to punch someone in the face, but only one is truly efficient within the constraints of the physical world. Everyone exists in the physical world, though not everyone utilizes the laws of psychics with maximum efficiency and puts themselves in harmony with the universe. Therefore, personal expression and artistic flare have no purpose in true martial strategy in martial conflict.

Geoffrey Smith
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

The two weeks following the demonstrations of were filled with anticipation. We eagerly awaited the Fifth Public Hung Fa Yi seminar and a joint dinner celebration recognizing the Third Anniversary of Mengs Martial Arts of Arizona, along with a kung fu family observance of Grand Master Gee's birthday.

Wednesday marked the arrival of our first two guests, Master Benny Meng and Sifu Wayne Schultz. Both gentlemen made visits to the kwoon immediately after landing in Phoenix. That evening they retired to the home of Sifu Loewenhagen for an evening of training.

Sisuk Mike Matthews and Sisuk Jeremy Roadruck came in on Thursday afternoon. Upon their arrival at the kwoon both took full advantage of our weight training facility. Thursday evening closed with a gathering of the HFY Masters club. One can only speculate as to the lessons learned that night.

With Grandmaster Gee arriving on Friday, day one of the seminar officially began. The first evening definitely set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Discussions focused on all the branches of our HFY family " speaking the same language." As we soon discovered, even though we all are one family, the dialogue used to communicate amongst each other was often cumbersome and not specific. Si Taai Gung began to correct this issue before proceeding any further. The means to this end were offered in the form of simple basic exercises that were easily comprehended.

The combined result of the exercises was the ability for every student to express the Wing Chun principle without the use of words. All practitioners became able to answer each question posed through their body, thus creating a common language to be used in a variety of relationships i.e.; student/teacher, sihing/sidai, etc. The benefits of this common language are numerous and many became apparent during the course of the seminar. They help us maintain what Grand Master Gee calls "Wing Chun DNA".

One of the highlights of the evening was a demonstration of the HFYWC Chum Kiu form. As Sifu Loewenhagen has demonstrated and taught the form only to a handful of his top students to date, Si Baak Gung Allen Kong's open demonstration was the first time many students had seen the entire form. Needless to say, they were all very impressed with its mobility and depth.

Following the demonstration, Grandmaster Gee continued a Q&A session in which he unselfishly answered any and all questions posed. After exhausting his audience of questions, Si Taai Gung called it a night. That brought an end to the first evening.

Day two was really a full day! As previously stated we had a dinner celebration to attend immediately following a full day of kung fu. We began with a review of the exercises learned the previous evening. This time, with everyone speaking the same language, the exercises were performed quickly and with fewer verbal instructions.

With the lessons from Friday learned, Si Taai Gung introduced new paak sao exercises to the family. He did this in a manner consistent with the saam mo kiu concept. Grandmaster Gee introduced exercises engineered to keep us fao kiu even though they were performed perfectly. As frustrations rose we were shown and practiced the progression to saan kiu and wing kiu stages.

Another set of exercises that followed the same learning pattern was involved chi sao (or better called "Fau Kiu Kiu Sao") in combat applications. Some wing chun schools profess that chi sao is not for combat. It has been said chi sao is strictly for sensitivity training. Si Taai Gung showed us that in fact chi sao could be a very integral part of hand to hand combat. If one sees chi sao occurring inside specific parameters, Si Taai Gung's comment of "Think inside the box" is extremely apropos to consider while performing these exercises.

One of the many highlights of Saturday was the introduction of Iron Shirt training. We received a basic introduction and a glimpse of where the training is going to take us.

Due to time restrictions, the seminar needed to end by 5 PM. Immediately following the close of day two, many participants headed to the afore mentioned celebrations.

The evening began with an exquisite meal. Following dinner, Dai Sihing Jeff Loewenhagen read a brief dissertation on the history of Meng's Martial Arts of Az. Approximately one dozen of Sifu Loewenhagen's original students were in attendance and received special recognition. To my Sifu's surprise his students presented him a plaque to commemorate the occasion and express our appreciation for all his hard work and dedication.

After being presented with gifts, it was Sifu Loewenhagen's turn to be the presenter. First, he presented Master Benny Meng with a plaque of appreciation for continued support and dedication in the preservation and advancement of the art of Wing Chun. Master Meng then presented Sifu Loewenhagen with two special gifts. The first was a specially crafted Hung Fa Yi chop. The second special gift was a jade chop hand crafted by the late Ving Tsun Grand Mater and famous artist Moy Yat. This chop was passed from Grand Master Moy Yat to Master Meng and has now been passed to Sifu Richard Loewenhagen. In the future, Sifu Loewenhagen will pass on this chop to a deserving and dedicated student, keeping the chop in the Wing Chun family.

Continuing, Sifu Loewenhagen presented Grandmaster Gee with a birthday cake and gift. The cake was emblazed with the HFY logo and the salutation read "Happy Birthday Hung Gung Gee." The gift presented was a hand crafted set of HFY baat jaam do. The swords, produced by a Phoenix HFY member, were accompanied by a hand crafted wooden sheath.

With appetites satiated and the festivities complete everyone parted ways to gear up for day three. Day three began with a review on the previous days' material. After recapping we spent hours covering details of the exercises. To officially close the seminar Si Taai Gung led us through the SNT form.

The time period covered was full of kung fu life. We anticipate this is the pace set for kung fu in 2002 and we are loving every minute of it !!!

  David Escarcega
Meng's Martial Arts of AZ Student

Instructors within the Meng's kung fu family:
(l/r) Jeff Loewenhagen (Phoenix, AZ), Wayne Schulz (Akron, OH), J.K. Walz (Phoenix, AZ), Jeremy Roadruck (Dayton, OH), Sifu Richard Loewenhagen (Phoenix, AZ), Master Benny Meng (Dayton, OH), Mike Mathews (Dayton, OH), Savi Kuroch (Phoenix, AZ)

Sifu Lowenhagen and Master Meng standing outside the school, with the matted Cover Article on Master Benny Meng featured in Wushu-Kungfu magazine

Drilling HFY Chi Sau body mechanics

Day One - Siu Nim Tau

Cakes for Grand Master Gee's Birthday (right) and Meng's of Arizona's 3rd Anniversary

Sifu Loewenhagen presenting Grand Master Gee with a set of custom designed knives, fashioned in the tradition of the Hung Fa Yi system

Sifu Loewenhagen presenting Master Meng with a memento of the workshop

Training Sei Paai Da, HFY's first step in Iron Body

Sifu Allen Kong leading workshop participants through Siu Nim Tau

Discussing Daan Chi Sau

Workshop participant group photo

In front of the Phoenix school's Tong
(l/r) Sifu Wayne Schulz, Master Benny Meng, Grand Master Garrett Gee, Sifu Richard Loewenhagen

Sitting in the Phoenix school's Tong
(l/r) Sifu Richard Loewenhagen and Master Benny Meng

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