December 7-9, 2001

Hung Fa Yi Siu Nihm Tauh 1st and 2nd Level
December 2001 Workshop Summary

Workshop presented by Sifu Benny Meng
(Summary by Andy Kalish, VTM Rochester HFY Club)

On the weekend of December 7th to 9th, 2001, Sifu presented a comprehensive workshop on the revised VTM curriculum for the Hung Fa Yi system's 1st and 2nd levels of Siu Nihm Tauh. In addition to some special guests from outside of the VTM organization, the workshop was attended by Hung Fa Yi members from Ohio, Arizona, Michigan, Kansas, and New York. The event went from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon and encompassed over eleven hours of formal workshop plus the usual training continuations and discussions after hours, over meals, and while driving (safely, of course).


In addition to various smaller/side topics, the core of the workshop was on the new 1st and 2nd level HFY curriculum. This included history, philosophy, time & space, the Wing Chun formula, the siu nihm tauh form, jong sau, siu lin tauh, paak sau, and daan chi sau from the 1st level. This material was followed by 2nd level baai jong, kuen jong, hei gung, siu lin tauh yi sin jong sau, and ng sin jong sau / paak sau.


From my own personal perspective, the weekend held two highlights. The first one was my first real exposure to the chi gung aspects of Wing Chun. I have heard of many Wing Chun families and practitioners going outside of Wing Chun to learn aspects of chi gung and then trying to incorporate them back into their system. Now that Sifu and Sigung are presenting us with the chi gung knowledge that is an integrally developed part of the original Wing Chun system, I am really looking forward to learning much more about it. True to Zen, the inclusion of chi gung really gives me a sense of system completeness.


The second highlight occurred on a car ride when Sifu was describing the overall Hung Fa Yi system: the precise objectivity of three dimensional space and time (as implemented by the Wing Chun formula) balanced by the conceptual learning represented by the Hung Fa Yi kuen kuit (complete with beautiful descriptive names). The end result is all of these aspects (and others) coming together to give you the overall Zen experience of Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun. This is very difficult to put into words, but that is also consistent with Zen.

As always, it was a great pleasure to see my Wing Chun brothers and sisters from all over the country as well as to meet new visitors. Every experience is one from which to learn and grow. Special thanks to Sifu and the Hung Fa Yi Master's Club members who have tirelessly worked countless additional hours to save us time in our learning of Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun. In addition to learning the system themselves, they have taken on the significant task of working with Sigung Gee to create a system curriculum from which we can all objectively understand and learn original Shaolin Wing Chun.


Schedule of Events

Day One
  • Wing Chun History, including interpretation of the snake, crane and nun legend
  • Philosohpy, Chan and Saam Mo Kiu
  • New Manuals, HFY System/Training standards
  • HFY Learning Process
  • Siu Nim Tau form (1st section)
  • Jong Sau Progression
Day Two
  • Review of Three Dimensional Space and Time Concept
  • Wing Chun Formula and Triangular Theory
  • Siu Lin Tau Progression
  • Kuen Jong Progression
  • SNT Hei Gung form (1st and 2nd sections)
  • Hei Gung and Yi Sin Jong Sau
  • Stages of Combat and Baai Jong with Chiu Min and Deui Ying
  • Two Line Defense partner exercise
  • HFY Wnig Chun System Progression and Logic Flow
  • Yi Sin and Ng Sin Jong Sau and Paak Sau exercises (R. Loewenhagen)
  • Kidney Hei Gung exercise
  • Hei Gung Iron Palm (W. Shulz)
Day Three
  • Review & Overview, Muk Yan Jong
  • Siu Nim Tau form (1st and 2nd section, hei gung details)
  • Jaam Jong and Faat Ging
  • 1st Level Jong Sau
  • 1st Level Siu Nim Tau
  • 1st Level Daan Chi Sau
  • 1st Level Wrap-Up and HFY Identity
  • 2nd Level Jong Sau (Baai Jong)
  • Yi Sin Jong Sau
  • Workshop Wrap-Up

Members of Sifu Meng's family.

Birthday Cakes! The left cake was made by Sifu Meng's Mother in celebration of his birthday. The right cake is in celebration of Meng's Martial Arts 15th Anniversary.
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