August 4-6, 2000

Baltimore Review

On August 4-6, several members of the VTM went to a national Wushu Kungfu Federation tournament in Baltimore, Maryland. Over 800 competitors from 20+ countries attended. Sifu Meng presented two workshops on Wing Chun - 1) latest research by the VTM on the history of Wing Chun (historical information and several legends were presented and the conclusions were left to the audience) and 2) HFY punch (as covered in Wushu Kungfu magazine) and applications. A distinction between the first presentation as a VTM workshop and the second as a presentation of HFY material was made clear at the start of each workshop.

Sifu members of the newly formed Choy Lay Fut and Wing Chun federations having social time together.

Close to 30 competitors from 8 families participated in this year's Wing Chun events.

Wing Chun Forms competitors and judges group photo

In the Master's Demonstration several lineages of Wing Chun demonstrated: Pien Sun, Wong Shong Leung, Moy Yat, Hung Fa Yi, and Ho Kam Ming family members demonstrated their kung fu. The Discovery channel was present and this tournament will be part of a documentary they are working on.

Wing Chun Chu Sau competitors and judges group photo (l/r)

Wing Chun practitioners from the US, Canada, and South Africa were in attendance. In fact, there were several groups from South Africa and two of the groups studied Wing Chun as part of their curriculum.

Advanced Middleweight Continuous Sparring, International Division

At the banquet Friday night before the competition, an announcement was made of a newly formed Pan-America Wing Chun Federation. This group is dedicated to 1) establishing consistent rules for Wing Chun competition for the 11 member nations of the Pan-America Federation, 2) promote friendship between the nations and members, 3) promote high standards and professionalism in Wing Chun activities. The members of the PAWCF are:

  1. Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah) - Moy Yat lineage
  2. Buddy Wu - Ho Kam Ming lineage
  3. Randy Li - Ho Kam Ming lineage
  4. Benny Meng - Hung Fa Yi and Moy Yat lineages
  5. Sam Chan - Yip Ching and Yip Chun lineages
  6. Philip Ng - Wong Shong Leung lineage
  7. Paul Chu - (lineage not known)
  8. Steve Cottrell - Alan Lamb and Leung Ting lineage
  9. Vinny Thomas - Lay Moy Shan lineage
  10. Stanley Jue - Henry Muih/Pein Sun lineage

Award Recipients getting together for a pose. (l/r) Randy Li, Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah), Anthony Goh, Benny Meng, Sunmi Meng, Buddy Wu, Paul Chu

Also at the banquet, Sifu Benny Meng and Sifu Randy Li were recognized as "Master of the year" by the USAWKF. Both Sifu were well deserving of the recognition for their efforts on behalf of the USAWKF and Wing Chun.

Sifu Meng receiving USAWKF Hall of Fame Outstanding Master award from member of the Pan American Wushu Federation Committee
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