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Among the many reasons for studying Martial Arts are self-improvement and self-defense. Competition provides a framework with which to test our reactions and performance under stress. While not as stressful as actual combat, competition is safer while still providing access to someone who will not hold back. At the same time, competition allows us to change the difficulty level at which we train -- it acts as an extreme training session.

In all physical activities, competition with others has raised the standards for all participants. Training for competitions, specifically martial arts competitions, requires a disciplined, focused training program. Individuals that compete at the very highest levels have the highest levels of focus, discipline, dedication, and willpower. By participating in competitions, participants test not only their own abilities and skills but their training methods. Simultaneously, they gain valuable experience with others from outside their mo kwoon (martial arts school) or even kuen suk (fighting style).

In recent years competitions featuring Wing Chun specific events have been increasing at all levels: local, state, regional, national, and international. One of the many functions of the Ving Tsun Museum is to collect information regarding Wing Chun and provide it to the Wing Chun community. Below is a list of results from competitions, tournaments, and championships that feature Wing Chun specific competition events such as: forms, chi sao and sparring. We have included the names of Wing Chun practitioners who have won point sparring, continuous light-contact sparring, san shao, or full-contact fighting. This is where we need your help!

This is not an exhaustive list of competitions. We need you, members of the Worldwide Wing Chun community, to help increase this list and include every competition. If you know of, or participated in, a competition not listed, please email us with as much information as you can, specifically the name of the event, the organization that sponsored the event(s), the type of competition (forms or chi sao), a list of categories (skill and/or weight), winners by category and their family or lineage, pictures of winners, etc. We will include your name with the listing as well as a special gift by way of thanking you. All information can also be sent by snail mail to:

VTM, ATTN: Competition
5715 Brandt Pk.
Dayton, OH 45424, USA.

Format of Results: (suggestion)
Date, Name of Competition, Sponsoring organization
       winners & (lineage)
chi sao
        winners & (lineage)

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