April 2013 trip to Brazil: Fortaleza and Sao Paulo

18 April 2013
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18 April 2013, Comments 0

April 2013 trip to Brazil: Fortaleza and Sao Paulo
2013 AprilVisit to Brazil
Speaker:Grand Master Benny Meng
Host: Suhu Alex Magnos (Fortaleza),Sifu Cleber F. L. de Souza (Sao Paulo)

Day One – Saturday 6th and Day Two – Sunday 7th
Arrived in Fortaleza at 2pm and went straight to the school of Sifu Alex Magnos to start my first public workshop. This workshop ran for two days, and it was great to see new people, and reconnect with familiar faces that have made great progress on their skills. This workshop focused on combat skill application of HKB.

Day Three – Monday 8th to Day Six – Thursday 11th
The next few days focus was on Instructor training for Sifu Alex and his senior students.The core group under Sifu Alex travelled long distances (some over 10 hours,such as Manoel Ramos, Carlos Fonseca, Damocles Silva, and Lenin Fidelis) to attend this training, and I presented a comprehensive review of levels one to nine in our colored rank curriculum, weapons training, business discussions,and computer work. We average 8 hours a day. Thursday evening, I met up with Sifu Marcos Teixeira and his kung fu family. Sifu Marcos recently lost a leg ina traffic accident, and he’s spirit is still very strong. I presented him with the funds generated by his kung fu family here in the US, and we discussed plans for my return trip to present a seminar that he will be hosting in June. I am very proud of my two senior representatives Suhu Alex and Sifu Marcos.

Day Seven – Friday 12th
We flew into Sao Paulo, and then met up with the workshop host: Sifu Cleber F. L. de Souza.The day ended up being almost all travel, but we did have dinner and celebrate his sister’s birthday that evening. Sifu Boscolo is our representative in Sao Paulo, and recently had an injury to his back yet still made it out for our 3-day training session!

Sifu Cleber is a well-established kung fu master in Brazil with a strong background intraditional kung fu as well as contemporary Wushu. He’s fluent in Mandarin and very impressive with his knowledge of Chinese philosophy and culture.Throughout my visit, I spoke Mandarin with him.

Day Eight – Saturday 13th
Sifu Cleber and his students were excellent hosts, making their out of town guests feel like VIPs. There were many members of different kung fu families, including:Northern Shaolin; Preying Mantis; Southern Shaolin; Internal systems. Alex Lo is the Sao Paulo representative of the famous Hung Ga Grandmaster, Frank Yee. Grand Master Yee is also a well-known researcher into the history of Chinese martial arts, and has found proof of the Five Flags -and acknowledges the Black Flag Wing Chun system. Sifu Alex Lo travelled a long distance to welcome us to Sao Paulo.

The participants travelled from many different cities and also out of the country as well. My workshop was focused primarily on the evolution of Wing Chun, and what makes Wing Chun into Wing Chun with a particular focus on the oldest system – HKB Wing Chun. Based on their reactions, everyone was very highly impressed and excited about my first introduction of the original Wing Chun to the Sao Paolo area.

Sifu Johnatan Martinze travelled all the way from Columbia to attend a workshop with me, for the second time, and I would like to officially welcome him as my representative in Columbia.

Day Nine – Sunday 14th
We had private training with the Instructors (Suhu Alex Magnos, Sifu Cleber Souza, Sifu Johnatan Martinze and Sifu Boscolo) and dedicated student like Andre Moreira, – training throughout the day. Afterwards, we made the long trip back to Fortaleza, arriving at 3am.

Day Ten – Monday 15th
I started the day with a good workout by ocean, and then went to airport for the long trip back to Dayton, OH.

Overall, this was one of the most productive trips to Brazil- visiting the North and South, plus making new relationships and adding a new representative in South America.

I would also like to mention Fernando Segundo specifically for his dedication – day or night, he was my driver and made sure I was well taken care of.

I am always excited to share the beautiful and intelligence of this great system, and Masters and Instructors are always impressed with the depth and clarity of this great system.

I also want to give special thanks to my Disciple, Sifu Alex Magnos. He took excellent care of me – every time he hosts me in an hotel right next to the beach so every morning I have the opportunity to get up and work out next to the ocean. I also enjoyed delicious Brazilian food each day, too – one of the best experiences when travelling for me is to enjoy the authentic cuisine of my host country! I also want to congratulate Sifu Alex on his move to a new, expanded location in May 2013! You set a fine example for our entire kung fu family!

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