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Our Mission:

In recognition of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) Kung Fu as a living art form, the Ving Tsun Museum's express mission is the preservation and advancement of the Ving Tsun art into and beyond the 21st Century by:

  • Research: Documenting and researching Ving Tsun history with a focus on the true origins of the system
  • Exhibits: Archiving Ving Tsun treasures and artifacts
  • Certifications / Workshops: Updating Ving Tsun training methods with proven scientific teaching aids, tools, and certifications
  • Articles / Books / Seminars: Expanding Ving Tsun practitioners' comprehension and use of the system through examination and distribution of knowledge
  • Hall of Fame: Recognizing Ving Tsun’s greatest contributors, both past and present
  • Friendship Exchange: Providing a home for all Ving Tsun families to gather and
    share their rich heritage, regardless of lineage, in an atmosphere free of prejudice, personal gains, or political considerations.

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I learned so much and have had to say that Wing Chun under Sifu Meng is by far the best training with fun also. I had to sweat though. Lol

William Atkins, Reviews for Ving Tsun Museum

The Ving Tsun Museum is the only place in the world that shows respect to ALL Wing Chun lineages.

John Lambert, Reviews for Ving Tsun Museum

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